Lucky Misu is our second artist hailing from Swedish town Malmö. Daniel Bergström has been recording songs under his Lucky Misu moniker since the year 2005. His musical inspiration comesboth from simple pop songs and from the modern techno scene. The result is a unique mix of both styles, similar to the Kompakt sound from Cologne. But the sound of Lucky Misu is in constant change.
When the idea of his Lucky Misu project jumped out of Daniel Bergström's head, he planned it to be a band, but right after that he thought of all the things he doesn't like about being in a band (rehearsing) and for that reason he decided it to become a one man act. Nevertheless a little later Lucky Misu developed to be a duo including his friend Moe Lodin. Moe played the piano and Daniel played the guitar, but after a couple of long breaks they decided it was over and Lucky Misu was asleep for more than a year. Fortunately Daniel decided to share some recorded songs on his website and a few weeks later Lucky Misu was discovered by Corpid Extra. 
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