Corpid Extra Releases.

Corpid Extra is for modern pop music lovers.

Emily In Love:
Let's Pretend We're In Love

Elegant and stylish acoustic songs
corpidex 029
Paper Plane Pilot:
This Place

Electronic Indiepop
corpidex 028
Lucky Misu & Bleulel:
In Winter

Clicks, Cuts & Pop
corpidex 027
Rupert Falsch:
Links auf der Fahrbahn, ein totes Tier

Electronic indie synth pop with german vocals
corpidex 026
Jan Felipe: Abril
French-Brazilian pop songs with beautiful guitar sounds and vocals
corpidex 025

Emily In Love:
You Break My Heart, You Remixed It

Remixes by Rupert Falsch, Lucky Misu, Microworld & Emily In Love
corpidex 024

Lucky Misu: Intertwine
Electro Vocal Pop
corpidex 023

Lucky Misu: Repuzzled
Remixes by Troupe, Emily In Love, Drei Farben House, Granlab, Peloton and Perfume Uniform
corpidex 022

Emily in Love:
You break my heart, you bought it

Electro-acoustic Vocal Pop
corpidex 021

Lucky Misu: Puzzled
Our Download Champion
corpidex 020

Bobby Baby: Loves to remix Vol. 2
Remixes by Harry Kofot, Lucky Misu and Boy in the Cardigan plus a bonus song
corpidex 019

Tanzmusik: Auf Deutsch Remixes
Remixes by Hansen & DJ Daniel, Rootsix, Popnoname, MichL Bridge, Ullan and Peloton.
corpidex 018

Peloton: Romeo
Electro Vocal Pop featuring Alex Michael
corpidex 017

Tanzmusik: Auf Deutsch
Electro Vocal Pop
corpidex 016

Bobby Baby: Loves To Remix Vol. 1
Remixes by Turnus, Bauri, ckid, DoF and Peloton
corpidex 015

Drei Farben House: Fashion EP
corpidex 014

Franck Goss: Stream
Ultraminimal Deep House Tracks
corpidex 013

D.Soul: Foliation
Tropical Minimal House Tracks
corpidex 012

Atesh K: Love-Proof Sex
Minimaltechno with a Detroit Flavour
corpidex 011

Solcofn: Crossing The Rubicon
Ambient and Downbeat
corpidex 010

Igor O. Vlasov: Closer To Heaven
Detroit inspired Minimaltechno
corpidex 009

Audio Mjao: From The Black Lake
Electro Vocal Pop
corpidex 008

Bobby Baby: Four Remix
Pure Pop Brilliance
corpidex 007

Sascha Dive: You've Got Me
Minimal Deep House
corpidex 006

Bobby Baby: Some Place New
Swedish Folk Pop with female Vocals
corpidex 005

Elysis: Dreamwork Astronaut
Atmospheric Electro
corpidex 004

Drei Farben House: Stadtarchiv
Pop inspired House
corpidex 003

Flat: Guide To The Dessection Of A Horse
Herbert-inspired Minimalhouse
corpidex 002

Flat: You never give
Herbert-inspired Minimalhouse
corpidex 001

Corpid Releases.

Corpid is our minimal techno section.

Keyboard: Anapoima Nairobi
South American Techno Soul
corpid 012

V.A.: Nasenbluten
The Rotari Mayday Compilation
corpid 011

D.Soul - One Night In Amsterdam
Deep Minimaltechno
corpid 010

Otto: Soluna
Naive Music
corpid 009

Keyboard: Beans With Bacon
IDM oriented House Music
corpid 008

Bumtschak - Mash
Bootleg/Mash up
corpid 007

Peloton: The Lost Tracks
Trancy Techno
corpid 006

Peloton: Politically Erect
Ultradark and deep Technotracks
corpid 005

Joachim Albrecht - Boy Is Mine
Click House
corpid 004

Peloton: Lumière
Sample House Tracks with a Pop Appeal
corpid 003

Peloton: Lovesongs
Sample-based House with Male Vocals
corpid 002

Peloton: First Day Of Spring
Dark Techno
corpid 001