Rupert Falsch: Links auf der Fahrbahn, ein totes Tier

A Rupert Falsch track isn't something that comes along every day, but long-term effects are assured: Although the Berlin-based singer and producer has only released two remixes since his acclaimed debut EP on iDEOLOGY back in 2005, he has been present in itunes playlists and netaudio DJ mixes worldwide ever since - a clear proof of his talent and the quality of his music.
Now Rupert Falsch finally is back with seven original new songs. While his last EP "Fehlerengel" was compared to Justus Köhncke and Andreas Dorau (he disapproves comparisons to the latter indignantly though!), his new album lets assume that he must have been listening a lot to the likes of Erlend Oye and the Junior Boys since then (and that's ok with him). Rupert's german lyrics, however, mostly made up of seemingly disjointed ideomatic expressions, still remind some of the poetic sloganism of Blumfeld's Jochen Distelmeyer.
Photo & Cover Artwork by United States of Design.

"Und wieder ist es diese Symbiose aus monotonem leisen Gesang und darunter sich sorgfältig entwickelnden Songstrukturen, die so einnehmend sind, dass man zu diese Musik alles machen kann, nur nicht weghören." (Beat Magazine - Release of the month )
"Un trésor de mélodies pop mélancoliques et d'electro minimale allemande. Espérons que cet album profitera de l'effet "Tokyo Hotel" pour s'insinuer dans l'oreille des foules francophones déchainées..." (net muzik)
"This is what I was missing a little - the intelligent, reflective, impulsive, elaborate, winding and may a little twirled usage of the German language. Great easygoing melodies and lyrics." (The Fast Life)
"Blumfelds departure becomes easier to get over, as new talents step out of their shadows. I just discovered Rupert Falsch."(heimspiel06)
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