Lucky Misu & Bleulel: In Winter

Dear fans of Lucky Misu, I'm sad to say that this could be the last Lucky Misu release ever. Both inspiration and time have run out. Hopefully there will be a comeback some day, but I wouldn't count on it. Some plans have been made to produce music with other artist but only time will tell how that will work out.
As a "Goodbye" I teamed up with Argentinian artist Bleulel for a split/combo EP. Bleulel files were sent across the Atlantic for a Lucky Misu treatment and the result is this included in this release. It's ironic, but this is by far the best Lucky Misu release...
Thanks to everyone who have supported Lucky Misu during the years, people who have written me asking for lyrics, remixes, performances and what not. Thanks to bloggers for the attention you've given me. Thanks to the remixers who have transformed good songs to superb songs. And a huge thank you to Mario and Corpid for the opportunity to spread the Lucky Misu sound.

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